Avani Avittam / Upakarma

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Avani Avittam /Upakarma is the day when the men of the house change their Poonal/ Sacred thread .

This festival is celebrated on a Full Moon Day / Pournami in the holy month of Shravan by most of the Tamil /Kerala Brahmins who follow the Yajur Veda tradtion. Hence also known as Yajur Upakarma.

Some Brahmins who belong to the Rig Veda / Sama Veda tradition have a different day to perform the Upakarma.

The ladies of the house prepare a grand feast for the family.

The menu in most homes is a typical saatvik south indian lunch where in Onions and Garlic are avoided.
The elaborate lunch menu is mentioned below.

Aadi Perukku / Pathinettam perukku / Aadi 18am perukku

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Aadi perukku wishes to one and all.
"Perukku" in Tamil means "Manifold increase".  The rivers are upto the brim and flowing in full swing.

Aadi perukku is a Tamil festival celebrated on the 18th day of Tamil Month Aadi/Aashada. On this day we pay our gratitude and offer prayers to the Rivers whose water level start increasing during the monsoon season. It is believed that the water level starts rising from this month of Aashada with the onset of monsoon. People prepare a lot of variety rice like lemon rice,tamarind rice,coconut rice,sakkarai pongal,kalkandu saadham,curd rice etc. They picnic at the banks of the river with family after offering the prayers and enjoy the lunch with family and friends.

Recipe collection :
Click each link below for the detailed recipe.

Thiru Aadi Pooram / Aadi Pooram

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THIRU AADI POORAM / AADI POORAM (this year 26 july 2017) is celebrated to mark the birth of Sri Andal .
The Pooram star in the Tamil month of Aadi /Aashada is called Aadi Pooram.
Andal is one of the 12 Azhwars and has composed the Thiruppavai and Nachiayar Thirumozhi which is a part of 4000 divyaprabandham. Srivlliputhur ,Srirangam and all Vaishnava temples celebrate this Aadi Pooram festival for 10 days and the final day of Aadi Pooram they conduct a grand Aandal Kalyanam.
Akkara Vadisal is made as  neivediyam to the Sri Aandal.

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